"Has Capitalism Ever Existed in America?"

By that the author means, pure libertarian free-market paradise capitalism-- and the answer is of course no. It's a good point, and a fun read, until Mr. Vibes gets to talking about his ideal society of libertarianism magic, with no coerced transactions and no government. Which reminded me of a video I watched on Youtube recently of some libertarian dude trying to argue for a libertarian fantasy land of no government and pure free-market competition, and everyone respected each others rights, and there were no wars and evil and people lived in candy cane and lollipop houses. I think it's fine to theorize about this sort of thing, but it's also just a pure fantasy that has no realistic way of ever happening. Which basically sums up libertarianism, imo.

Speaking of libertarianism, Jim Fetzer has a good post discussing the shameful censoring of Ron Paul's campaign by the media.