Flight 11 Passenger Laura Lee Morabito, Her Wedding Ring and Pepper Spray: Another Bullcrap Story We're Supposed to Believe

There are conflicting stories about her remains:
In some stories, the ring is still on her hand, in some it is found within one week of 9/11, in some it is found in 2007. Some stories say it took six years to identify her because older methods of DNA testing needed a bigger sample, like a finger big enough to hold a ring wouldn't be enough. Her Husband Mark says there were "a lot" of remains, and one story says her "whole hand" and the ring were recovered together.
Apart from the contradictions about how much of the hand/finger they found, and how they made the identifications. the thing that really got me about this story is this:
Laura Lee Morabito, 34, had been sitting next to one of the hijackers of American Airlines Flight 11, and he pepper sprayed her during the siege, her husband, Mark, told NBC 3-TV in Syracuse on Tuesday.
How could he-- or anyone-- POSSIBLY know this?

If you google "morabito pepper spray", you get a bunch of articles wirtten by someone named EV Morabito, who examines the use of pepper spray by the police. For instance:

Morabito, E.V., Doerner, B. (1997), "Police use of less-than-lethal force: oleoresin ... Journal of Police Strategy & Management, Vol. 20 No.4, pp.680-97. ...

What are the odds? I wonder if Mark Morabito is related to EV Morabito, and had just heard a lot about pepper spray over the years, and so embellished Laura Lee's story a bit. No huge crime, I suppose, if that were the case, but still, another 9/11 lie propagated by the media.