The End of the Internet

Despite all the many contradictions in what they say, and their general idiocy, support for laws for the govt to be able to shut down large parts of the internet on a whim seems to be growing.
There’s suddenly a whole lot of “bipartisan support” for a supposed anti-piracy law that will actually let the U.S. Government force American Internet providers to shut down all access to any website immediately. Why might that be a popular idea, in Congress, right about now? And why are these anti-government Republicans like Congressman Lamar Smith of Texas behind such a heavy handed Big Brother off-switch on the entire Internet? And why is Joe Biden apparently strongly against such legislation, even though the Obama Administration supports it fully? Oh, right, because Biden is talking about how other countries shouldn’t do what the United States is about to do.

The conveniently rare bipartisan supporters of the SOPA/Protect IP censorship bills claim it’s to protect Republican interests such as “Hollywood movie studios” and “Hollywood media companies,” but in fact the “Protect IP” and “SOPA” bills actually let the government order any website accused of illegal distribution of intellectual property to be shut down by all American Internet service providers. Hey, is there a Kuwaiti guy putting a spam link to his Russian movie download site in the comments of, say, Well just shut down, it’s that easy.
Or any anti-govt or conspiracy site, obviously. At least Google and Facebook are against the law, for now...