Hmmm, Looks Like Ron Paul Really *IS* a Threat to the PTB

So, I posted something very mildly supportive on Ron Paul at Democratic Underground, and got SUSPENDED/BANNED from the board, for the first time in the 7 years I've posted there! This is despite that I've posted far more controversial things there, about 9/11, over the years. Really pretty disgusting they are acting this way.

Even though I have never voted for a Republican, I must say that in a general election, with Obama versus Paul-- if that could ever come to pass-- I could see voting for Paul.

Even though many of Paul's positions are repugnant to me, I am totally with him on civil liberties, the bloated military, the over-extended US empire and the thievery of the Federal Reserve.

I also think Paul is the only person who could shake up the DC system enough to possibly alter the terrible course we are on.

And then there is this: "GOP preemptively discredits Ron Paul’s Iowa Caucus win"
According to the Associated Press article, “Iowa GOP worried by hacker threat to caucus vote“, the Iowa State GOP committee is concerned that people who call themselves “Anonymous” will ‘hack’ the vote count during the tabulation of the 2012 Presidential caucus. Whether or not Anonymous is to blame is irrelevant. It could be a false-flag hacking event, in which Anonymous gets the blame for some other group’s nefarious activities. What is being proposed is that the results of the Iowa caucus will be tainted with scandal. In my opinion, if one particular candidate wins the Iowa caucus, then the State GOP committee will declare the ‘hack’ successful and discount the votes; that candidate is Representative Ron Paul.

In general, Anonymous, a leaderless group, has been seen as anti-establishment, pro-democracy, anti-corruption and pro-justice, from an individual liberty point of view. From a goose-stepping statist point of view, Anonymous is the scourge of the Internet.

Also, establishment players have already made noise about how a Ron Paul win would discredit his win. Chris Wallace said so much in some on-camera banter about how things may turn out in Iowa, at the pre-Fox debate interview in December.

1) looks like DU has descended into pure Obama worship now, where all the headlined posts are slamming people who dare to criticize Obama. Sad.

2) like like they are going hard after Paul now, to discredit him as anti-gay and racist. I'm sure he has a bit of this ugliness in his past, like so many people of his generation, but I suspect he has moved on. It will be interesting to see how much this sticks/gets played up.

3) right now my preferred candidate would be someone like Rocky Anderson, who seems like an honest, outspoken progressive, but Paul actually seems better than Obama in stopping some of the madness.