Once Again, Overwhelmed by Outrageous Events and Other Items

So a series of links will have to suffice:

OUTRAGE 1: The Federal Reserve Handed a 16 TRILLION Dollar Bailout To The Too Big To Fail Banks. Really, hard to comprehend this, but still FREAKING OUTRAGEOUS. ("the Federal Reserve had made a total of $7.77 trillion in financial commitments to the big banks by the end of March 2009"-- nothing Illuminati-ish about that, is there?)

OUTRAGE 2: The bogus war on terror keeps going strong, despite 'Al Qaeda' officially being destroyed.

OUTRAGE 3: The FBI is damn good at busting up the terror plots that it creates. (Also filed under Al-CIA-duh WATCH)(Also note article posted at 12:33 EST)

OUTRAGE 4: More corruption at the US DEA, with massive money laundering scandal.

OUTRAGE 5: The Pentagon Is Offering Free Military Hardware To Every Police Department In The US (under the "1033 Program" which gave more than $500 million of military gear to US police in 2011 alone.) (Also filed under 33 watch)

Wikileaks uncovers the massive spy technology industry, facilitating the world-wide police state.

Something good-- "In an audacious move against Citigroup, the SEC, and the practice of "selling immunity", a Federal Judge in a NY District Court abruptly put the brakes on a settlement agreement proposed between the Obama Administration and another giant Wall Street firm accused of betting against their own investors."

A nice little proof that flight 175 didn't crash into the South tower, having to do with "ACARS messages". Woody Box takes this to indicate a duplicated flight 175.

Some new 33's for 9/11:

Flight 175 was 33% full.

The ridiculous C-130H plane, called Gofer 06, that witnessed supposedly both flight 77 and flight 93 crashes, was from the 133rd airlift wing of the Minnesota Air National Guard. Nice also that the C-130H has a cruise-speed of 336 mph. Also-- Gofer 06 took off from Andrews Air Force Base at 9:33 am.