The Time to Revolt Is Now

Sen. Carl Levin claimed, as part of the debate over the detention bill he co-sponsored with John McCain, that the Obama White House actually demanded the removal of language that would have exempted U.S. citizens from military detention without charges:

So, the Obama administration CLEARLY wants to have the legal authority to call anyone a terrorist and detain them indefinitely, constitutional rights be damned. That would probably include any Occupy protestors.

We are so fucking through the rabbit hole here.

Obama has not signed the bill yet, but is there any doubt he will, if what Levin says is true?

The time to take back the country is now-- before the hammer really comes down, for good.

Just a few other outrages:
the US idiotically and disgustingly calls someone fighting against the US military after the US military invades their country, a terrorist.

Spy drones are being used by law enforcement in the US more and more-- how soon before they are equipped with weapons?

The horrible aftermath of Fallujah, after the illegal US assault on that Iraqi city.

Michigan is suffering under a virtual dictatorship with its emergency manager law.

Many states make it illegal to collect rainwater that falls on your own property.

The US postal service has been destroyed in large by Republican legislation wherein the USPS has to prepay pensions for all employees for 75 years in advance within 10 years. This will decimate the USPS and cause a lot of harm to rural America, including all small rural businesses.