Another Odd Thing About the Moon Missions

Overall, this seems like a huge deal yet there is almost nothing on the internet about it--
In 1960, before the Apollo missions, Encyclopedia Britannica reported the neutral point to be 20,520 miles from the Moon. A Moon with 1/6 Earth's gravity should have a Neutral Point between 22,078 - 25,193 miles from the Moons surface. Yet after the Apollo missions, Time magazine July 25, 1969 said "At a point of 43,495 miles from the moon, lunar gravity exerted a force equal to the gravity of the Earth, then some 200,000 miles distant"* In 1973 Encyclopedia Britannica, gave a new neutral point distance of 39,000 miles. The problem with all of this is, a neutral point of 43,495 miles would make the moon with not 1/6th (16%) the Earth's gravity, but 64%. A moon with 64% of Earth's gravity would require way more fuel and power than was supposedly available in the Apollo missions.
--from a good just-discovered site that questions the moon landing. The unanswered questions are really good, solid refutations of a NASA landing.

*apparently famed Nazi rocket scientist Werner von Braun gave out this new neutral point calculation, and then left NASA shortly thereafter.