Is It Just Me, or Is It Almost Impossible to Find Good 9/11 Stuff These Days?

Anonymous Physicist isn't active. 911 Blogger is even more boring than usual, as if that were even possible. The DU 9/11 site is no longer supported and is now some "creative speculation" bs group, and I was banned anyway. Killtown isn't doing anything, Ace Baker's psy-opera site is down, Judy Wood is not doing anything new. I'm not even getting any mass emails from the likes of Webfairy, NicoHaupt, Morgan Reynolds, Jon Lear, Ron Weick, and the likes... the worst now someone has spammed my email account and Marcus Icke's and apparently Steven Jones Hard Evidence account; they are sending out crap so I'm getting tons of bouncebacks. Simon Shack's forum is pretty much boring/unreadable; Pumpitout is taken over by shills. Never did much with Above Top Secret or other group sites, but even those places, nothing new. Citizen's Investigation Team forum-- dead.

What the hell happened with that big Toronto 9/11 conference? Anything?

I know it's 10 years ago, but still... fucking horrible evil inside job.