Subtle Apocalyptic Numerology in Kubrick's "Dr Strangelove"

The classic movie is about a rogue US General who starts a pre-emptive nuclear attack by sending nuclear bomb-laden B52s into Russia during the cold war.

If you haven't seen it, it is a must-see masterpiece.

I just watched it this morning, after not having seen it in 25 years or so. I was particularly interested if there was a 33 in it, since I have been keeping track of 33's in movies.

Despite many numbers being used throughout the movie, bombing codes and the like, I didn't see an overt 33. However, the was a very subtle 33 that was not even directly mentioned.

34 B-52 bombers were sent into Russia. There is a frantic attempt to recall the planes, and initially it is agreed that the planes' locations will be given to the Russians, who will then shoot them down. Finally, the recall code it found, and 30 of the planes were called back from the attack. It turns out that four planes were attacked by Russian defenses, and three shot down. The 34th plane was damaged by a missile, and cannot be recalled due to an inoperable radio. This 34th plane, commanded by Slim Pickens in a quintessential role, continues on, to deliver its nuclear bomb to a USSR nuclear base, thus detonating the so-called Doomsday Device, that destroys all life on the planet.

Thus, 33 planes from the mission never finish the mission. However, the critical 34th plane does break away, and starts doomsday.

This fits perfectly with what Anonymous physicist has written about, where 33 is symbolic of our evil, quarantined powers that be, and 34 is symbolic of a quarantine breakout, which likely involves nuclear destruction of the earth and destruction of humanity.

Thus, 33 planes do not complete the mission, but the 34th does, and starts the doomsday destruction of the planet, the quarantine breakout attempt by the evil PTB.

The numerology is subtle and brief within the movie, but an amazing verification of the 33/34 hypothesis.

A more minor but interesting point, in a kind of weird sub-theme, is how freaking DETERMINED the B52 crew is to deliver their nuclear bombs, and start the doomsday event, despite all sorts of things going wrong due to damage on the plane. It's like against all odds that this plane manages to drop it's bomb on the target, due to the "heroic" efforts of the crew and especially Slim Pickens' character. I wonder if this is just a dramatic plot device, or actually some sort of message about how determined the real PTB are, about destroying us and getting off the planet.