The thing is, as far as I can tell, everyone fucking knows we were lied in some way-- I mean every adult with a brain. And many people are readily accept a full-on inside job conspiracy.

But no one either wants to, or seems capable, of doing anything significant about it. I guess that seems to be me, too. But part of it is the old problem of how to organize people into some productive action-- it's damn hard, and life is already damn hard, and god knows what kind of negative consequences could come down on you for really taking action. God knows there are some risks to speaking out or knowing about 9/11. Not to mention that there are actually ENDLESS crimes and issues that one can protest about, and it is almost impossible to get people to agree on the key issue to protest. I always thought 9/11 was so blatant and sickening, but by the time basically everyone realized this, 9/11 was old news. So it goes.

One odd thing is that I found an old high-school friend on Facebook, and he noted how he was just a few blocks away from the WTC when the first plane hit. I asked him by private message if he saw the second plane-- and he has been remarkably silent on FB for several weeks since then. Not sure what the deal is...