"NASA Finds Lost Spacecraft on Dark Side of the Moon"

Because an impact crater and burnt (?) ground could only be from a crashed spacecraft? Hmm, this is even less convincing than the LRO images of the "Apollo landing sites", and those sure weren't very convincing!

Speaking of Apollo, this UFO-TV video does a real good job on the issue of radiation for the Apollo missions, which is really some of the best proof that the moon landings were bogus. Particularly I liked how they went over how the Apollo moon film would have been terribly affected by radiation as well as the heat and cold.

Also, noteworthy here, is at the 7 minute mark-- talking about the van Allen radiation belts, and how the Starfish Prime nuclear tests tried to blast a hole in them in 1962. This was a likely "quarantine breakout", as Anonymous Physicist has outlined. What is wild how they note how part of the van Allen belts got massively more radioactive after the test-- which is unlikely to be caused by the nuking itself. Possibly, this increase was caused by the "quarantiners", making it even more difficult for man and the evil PTB away from earth.

This UFO-TV video (not sure of the original source, looks like it was made some time back) actually gets into some fairly deep truths, discussing Russian space fakery, and going into how the US and Russia were secretly collaborating in their space endeavors.