Radio Fetzer

I've actually been enjoying listening to the Fetzer radio shows lately. Definitely more interesting than mainstream news, and there's some pretty good stuff overall. I already posted a few days back, about the Jarrah White show on Apollo fakery.

What I like about the show is the ease of downloading them, the diversity of the guests, and importantly, the relative lack of obnoxious commercials. The Beatles music they play between breaks is innocuous at worst, and charming at best. Fetzer can be a blowhard, but overall, he's not a bad host. Though it's often surprising how naive he seems to be, after all these years.

Recently, I listened to Chuck Boldwyn, doing god's work, in pointing out Judy Wood's incoherence. Then yesterday and today, I listened to this very interesting show with Total Info talking about the phony Paul McCartney. His lyric analysis and overall analysis was really fascinating.