I'm Still a No-Planer

In 2006 and 2007 I did a lot of work using Microsoft Flight-Simulator, and tried to replicate some of the 1st and 2nd hit camera views. It was tricky work, and very time-consuming. I dare say that there are subtleties to those analyses that I missed at the time, and many of my angle conclusions may have been wrong due to very small changes in angle measurements having a huge effect on the plane viewed from a distance. The other problem was (and still is) a lack of high-resolution 2nd hit videos. This admission doesn't mean I was completely wrong or wrong in all my analyses, I'm just saying some of the analyses may have been wrong. Unfortunately, I don't have easy access to FlightSim many more, nor the time to do that work, so I can't go back to that work. Anyway, so many people have done more precise and technically advanced work on this topic, that I don't think I can match it, even if it is hard to trust some of their analyses. For various reasons, I don't trust the people who put out stuff supporting the official plane story, but at the same time, so much no-plane work has obvious holes (e.g. September Clues) that that side is frustrating and not trustworthy too. That being said, Ace Baker's no plane video compositing work (see Psy-Opera post below) is probably the best I've seen in proving video fakery and no plane at the WTC. Additionally, Baker promotes nuclear demolition of the WTC, and thus is more trustworthy than the DEW/no plane faction. I don't know what Baer's whole story is-- why his Psy-Opera site died and why he hasn't updated his blog for 6 months-- but at least in his Psy-Opera series he makes coherent, smart arguments, and I agree with his basic premises.

ULTIMATELY though, from my perspective I don't think "no planes" lives or dies on YouTube videos that prove or disprove video fakery. I think "no planes" rests on the overwhelming number of oddities associated with the official plane story, oddities that are much more consistent with no planes than the official plane story.