Nazis KIlled JFK

Interesting thesis from Farrell in "The Brotherhood of the Nzai Bell", a book I am still slowly working through. Basically, there are some odd Nazi connections to the JFK killing, though not clear exactly what it all means. Actually Mae Brussel wrote about this before Farrell-- you can see here.

This basic idea, I would guess, is that the PTB have kept the Nazis going in various forms, through various mechanisms (e.g. Project Paperclip, the Space program, the CIA, interpol) and that a great deal of American evil can be traced to Nazi/occult/deep PTB influence.

This topic brings up a point I have been thinking about for a while now-- the nature of most "conspiracy" writing. By and large, conspiracy writing is not great writing, and certainly very rarely is it compelling, enjoyable literature. What conspiracy books so often seem to have is a lot of filler-- long, seemingly pointless passages where you just want to scream-- "get to the point!" What this sort of writing could often use is the scientific mode, where you write an abstract of the main points, and then organize and present your findings in a concise manner. Long stories that are of ancillary interest can be put into a supplementary information section. Mostly, much conspiracy writing needs a good editor-- not to censor but to tighten the presentation. It would help a lot.