Stephen Kosser-- Melatonin and Mercury

I just randomly started listening to this Fetzer interview with Stephen Kosser not expecting much, but found it to be extremely interesting. I really was fascinated with the link Kosser makes between the surge in autism in the past 30 years and mercury poisoning from various industrial and nutritional sources (for instance high fructose corn syrup is contaminated with mercury). Even more interestingly, he brings in a link with the hormone melatonin, and its expression in the intestine, and how melatonin has a critical role in helping detoxify mercury. Apparently the standard form of melatonin used by doctors or that you can buy, is simply not effective as it gets inactivated after ingestion, and it doesn't get to the right part of the intestine, or doesn't get absorbed into the body.

Melatonin is actually quite an interesting molecule, with lots of important protective functions.

The discussion in the second half is pretty good, about various matters, vaccinations, psychology and about standing up for what is right. I like the quote about the coward dying a thousand deaths-- or more precisely:
"Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once." Shakespeare, Julius Caesar

They bring up the idea that Santorum is a rigged candidate to make sure Obama wins-- which certainly is possible. And right now, I have to think this whole controversy about birth control is a huge distraction from deeper matters, as so often happens in politics.

UPDATE-- this article shows a strong link between environmental mercury and autism rates.