Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance

Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance
I had joined the Call to action committee as did Sandy Miller.  Things were going ok until a perpetrator named Ron Gillman who had attacked Sandy and I, joined the committee.  The moderator, Derrick Robinson listened to my account of how and when we were attacked.  The following day he introduced Ron Gillman as a new member of the committee, who had conducted a meeting of Washington residents.  I am angry with Derrick for hearing what I said about ron and then introducing him, saying he doesn't know of any problem with his membership and assistance to other members.
See the letter I wrote to Derrick below.


James Lico <> Sun, Apr 1, 2012 at 2:19 AM
To: Derrick Robinson <>


James Lico <>Sun, Apr 1, 2012 at 2:19 AM
To: Derrick Robinson <>
Dear Derrick,
I was listening to Talk shoe on Saturday and heard Ron Gillman join in the talk about the housing situation for TI's.  When he mentioned that he let us stay at his house at Christmas-time, we felt he could have been a little more discreet and not have mentioned names, but we did stay there for a couple weeks, and were grateful for it.  We left there right before the New Year, because I was being attacked by chemical poisons which were put there when we were out.  Ron did not believe that I was being poisoned and used rapid fire questions and answer to deny me to say anything.  He chose to argue with me, instead of accept that maybe he should not try to convince me that I was wrong.   It was late at night when I had to leave, so Sandy said thanks to Ron and left to stay in yet another motel.
I think on the 29th or 30th of December when we left and stayed in motels for the next couple weeks, until we went to Sacramento for MLK Day/Occupy Sacramento).  Just to get it on the record, we did contribute to the maintenance of the household – Sandy cooked great meals and did much of the cleaning, even cleaning kitchen cupboards, walls and the linen closet.  We also purchased most if not all of the groceries as well. 
But the reason I’m writing is that we’ve been putting off talking to you about the concerns we have about Ron, as well as Steve (we went to his apartment before we ended up at Ron’s.  Steve used the same type of tactics on us that Ron used  – the rapid-fire questions (as if it were a police interrogation, instead of a conversation), mostly about why we feel we are targeted, with no time allowed to respond, mentioned to us practically before we got in his door how much he loved a particular sexual activity, one that we had engaged in the night before—I hate that my position as a target makes this kind of indiscretion necessary!  Steve was very manic in his manner.  We felt like we were in the middle of an interrogation!  We believe these actions were meant to upset, confuse, disorient, us -  the target, and let me tell you, it worked, so we left that evening after only a few hours and drove the rest of the night, finally choosing a hotel the next morning about 50 miles away.
We left Ron's  because we noticed that Ron began doing some things that caused us concern.  I’ll work backward from our last visit with him:  about a month and a half ago, Sandy went by the house that Ron’s living in (I did some upgrades to his laptop and she was returning it), and Ron was there with his girlfriend that owns the house - Kerry, and his daughter who is 19 or 20 years old.  Sandy sat on the loveseat, and the others sat on the other side of the big living room on the couch.  Sandy was hit with electromagnetic waves shortly after arriving and sitting down, and the attack continued until she left.  
They visited awhile longer, with Ron asking rapid-fire questions , mostly about gang stalking she encountered and why she was targeted, and not allowing her to answer before asking the next.  He showed her some notebooks and photo album that belonged to the man he bought his Ford Explorer (?) from.  The man had been an undercover agent that infiltrated the white supremist group that was near Rathdrum Idaho.  He stated that it would be a neat job, and wouldn’t it make a great book?  
But the strangest encounter we had with Ron happened about 3 weeks after Christmas.  Ron called us to check in, and asked if we wanted to get together with him and Kerry for dinner.  We had just eaten so we said we weren’t hungry, so he said they’d go get something to eat and call us in a couple hours.  When he called back, he said to come on over, they’d go get something and bring it home, and would get there before us.  We got to the house, and they hadn’t left yet, so we reluctantly agreed to go with them to a restaurant.  Before we left the house, Ron and Kerry engaged in a back-and-forth over whether they had enough money to eat out.  Kerry mentioned her debit card was declined at the store, but then it went through.  They both got out their wallets and counted what they had.  Ron hinted that I lend him some money or pick up the tab for dinner, and I told him I couldn’t do it as I am unemployed, no unemployment or disability, etc., and with limited funds, and that we weren’t going to eat as we had just eaten a couple hours before.  What happened next was a nightmare – until we figured out what it really was.  Ron and Kerry both appeared to be under the influence.  Of what we don’t know.  Ron said they hadn’t slept much.  Ron drove, and we had so many near miss accidents I lost count.  He has lived in this area his whole life, drove around in circles, going down clearly marked dead ends, driving up on the curbs, narrowly missing countless vehicles.  After what seemed like an endless white-knuckle drive (which is really a 5 minute car ride), we end up at a nice, casual restaurant.  We sat down and ordered, and the show began.  Kerry sat nearly catatonic at the table, eyes closed, head rocking, holding a piece of bread in her hands for almost the entire dinner.  Ron behaved like an adolescent, piling on his plate whatever he could reach on the table: used paper napkins, left over coleslaw, empty water glasses filled with leftover food, etc.  We chastised him and he said he didn’t care, he’d never come back to this restaurant!  We were so embarrassed!  Then the check comes and Ron said something like, “so were you going to get this one James?”  Again I stated I couldn’t, and handed the waiter the cash for the items Sandy and I ordered (we ended up eating again!) with a tip included.  Sandy and I got up from the table and went outside to wait for them to figure out their bill.  Through the restaurant windows we could see Kerry in a heated argument with the manager.  Finally they both came out to the car, and I offered to drive, but Ron insisted he drive – he wasn’t slurring his words or “drunk-walking”, but his driving was erratic.   The drive back took even longer than the drive there.  At one point he drove into an unlit dead-end street where there was housing construction.    After this was over Sandy and I agreed that Ron and Kerry’s show was just that:  a staged event to cause disorientation and confusion.   Once we started noticing and watching the near misses closely, we saw that he had total control of the vehicle.
We know how devastating it would be for a TI to be wrongly accused of being a perp, but we do not want a confrontation with Ron, preferring to keep our association with him at a distance.  Even if our suspicions are unfounded, we must follow our intuition.  And if we were wrong in believing the drunken behavior was an act, at best he recklessly endangered our lives, not to mention our states’ of mind.  We don’t expect you to take any action either.  We just wanted you to know what happened, or at least our perception of it.
James F. Lico

ron left the attached voice mails on our phone

7 messages
James Lico <> Tue, Apr 3, 2012 at 7:38 PM
To: Derrick Robinson <>
Both Sandy and I believe Ron Gillman is a Perp, so we will not meet
with him. He is calling us regarding this and we will not answer the
phone for him.
James F. Lico
Derrick Robinson <> Tue, Apr 3, 2012 at 7:52 PM
To: James Lico <>
Ok, thanks, James. Will keep this in mind.
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"Let there be Peace on Earth"
James Lico <> Tue, Apr 3, 2012 at 9:19 PM
To: Derrick Robinson <>
Cc: Sandra Miller <>
we received calls from Ron Gillman
Please listen to each call. I call this harassment. Please do not
take my word for it, but listen to the attached phone call
messages.4/10/12 Gmail - ron 2/4
He calls us every other day before this. He should have gotten
the message that we will not talk to him.
within a span of 10 minutes, Ron Gillman called
2 calls to our home phone
3 calls to my cell phone
2 calls to Sandy's phone (attached)
7 calls total
the calls sandy recieved were at
7:30pm Ron asks Sandy to call him
7:34pm Ron says the name Sandy in an strange voice (hard to
hear.... listen closely)
James F. Lico
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2 attachments
VoiceMessage-To Sandy-From Ron@7-30.wav
VoiceMessage-To Sandy-From Ron@7-34.wav
Derrick Robinson <> Wed, Apr 4, 2012 at 9:29 PM
To: James Lico <>
Hi James. I listened to the calls.
-- Is this a one-time occurrence or has it happened at other times as well?
-- Does he still call you?
[Quoted text hidden]4/10/12 Gmail - ron 3/4
James Lico <> Thu, Apr 5, 2012 at 4:06 PM
To: Sandra Miller <>
Hi Sandy,
I received this request from Derrick Robinson
James F. Lico
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James Lico <> Thu, Apr 5, 2012 at 6:45 PM
To: Sandra Miller <>
James F. Lico
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James Lico <> Thu, Apr 5, 2012 at 10:36 PM
To: Derrick Robinson <>
Cc: Sandra Miller <>
The phone calls are daily and we ignore them. He should have
realized by now that we do not want him to call. Ron had someone
else call for him and leave a message a few times.
He gas lights us every time we come in contact with him. The
gaslighting is usually subtle, as you know. However if he is stoned
or drunk, it is more overt and obvious. His questions come in
rapid fire with no chance for us to say anything.
He questions us in detail regarding our reactions to our targeting.
Such as :
*How do you know you are being gang stalked, and what do the
stalkers do
*how long does the microwaving last4/10/12 Gmail - ron 4/4
*What does it feel like.
*He tells me there is no chemical targeting and I should just
ignore it.
It seems like he has V2K and someone is telling him what to ask.
He does not take no for an answer. He hounded me about my
chemical targeting while I was at his house and had no where to
I hope this helps. If you have any more question, just ask.
James F. Lico
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I found I cant add the voice mails. I will have them on my computer and try again another way.