Great Anti-War Diatribe from David Swanson

Some key quotes:
I've had enough of calling the war department the defense department.

I've had enough of war criminals going on book tour instead of trial.

I've had enough of asking that wars obey the rules of war-- like asking rapists to wear condoms.

I've had enough of calling by the name service, anything that a member of the service does other than resistance and conscientious objection.

I've had enough of being told I should be outraged by urination on corpses, I'm not.

I'm outraged by the murder that produces the corpses.

I've had enough of being told that the environmental crisis is separate from the biggest destroyer of our natural environment, which must be patriotically supported.

I've had enough of efforts to protect jobs, civil liberties, education, health care, retirement, the rule of law, and basic human decency without taking on the monstrosity that means death to all of the above-- the military-industrial complex. It is a trillion dollar banker bailout that we give away every year that we never get back.

Belief in humanitarian war keeps the dollars flowing to the beast that produces all the actual wars, the non-humanitarian wars, the murderous wars.

We don't distinguish between good and bad rape, just and unjust slavery (there is no "just war").