The Obama Chronicles-- Lies and Murder and Suffering

Democracy Now has a worthwhile segment on the killing of civilians by Obama's drones. The video includes a sickening bit of a press conference where Obama denies significant civilian deaths.

Which is on top of this sickening news:
The policy shift, as described by senior U.S. officials, includes targeting fighters whose names aren't known but who are deemed to be high-value terrorism targets or threats to the U.S. The White House stopped short of authorizing attacks on groups of lower-level foot soldiers who are battling the Yemeni government, the officials said.
So now the US is just killing people who fit a certain profile, even though we may not have any idea who they are.

This prosecution of Tarek Mehanna for what should be constitutionally protected free speech, by the Obama Justice Department, is another highly disturbing act. Mehanna's sentencing statement is an amazing piece of work, and is well worth reading.

Last, but still important, is the Obama administration's ridiculous and asinine policy on medical marijuana.

Thankfully, this election season, I am feeling much less susceptible to the Dems usually arguments for their man. Not that Romney would be better-- he would certainly be worse-- but I just can't bring myself to actively support Obama like I did in 2008. And the way to change does not seem to be through the presidency, but through electing a better Congress and through true grass-roots actions. If we aren't already screwed. But I do sense more and more people waking up to the incredible BS that emanates from the unholy triad of the President, the CIA and the Pentagon.