WANTED-- Someone Who Can Explain This Picture

This is supposed to be WTC1, high up, with people at the windows. There are two issues here. First, the guy at the top who looks like he has a rifle and is standing at the window ledge. What IS he doing? How is he standing in that ledge? What is the thing that looks like a leg under the rifle object, but seems way out of place? The other big issue is the scale here. There are multiple floors here, each floor 12 feet high.Thus, those windows have to be at least 6 feet high, looks more like 8 feet high, given the smaller spandrel width. The scale here is all VERY weird, with the people seeming to be MUCH larger than they should be.

I see now LetsRoll has dealt with this topic, somewhat making some good points and other not so good points. They claim the windows were totally reconfigured here. Which I suppose might explain some of this but not all.

Still, highly bizarre.