Limo Flag

Can see the flags on the front fenders here:

Here is a close-up of the left fender flag (note JFK is grasping his throat here-- just has been shot):

Here is the photo AP is totally obsessed about:

He claims behind that white car, there is a man coming out of a manhole, whose face has been blacked out. I said that there is no man, that is the flag.

Here is a blow-up of the flag:

In the Zapruder film, you can see the flag waving around there.

AP would have us believe somehow the flag on the front left fender of the limo magically disappeared.

Also, check out the photos here. Is there ANY sign of a manhole anywhere in the street before the bypass?

At AP's blog, he accuses me of being an agent over this, and lying about what I said about this. Sadly, AP is totally lying and distorting things. Really really sad.