One Guy with a Crotch Bomb Is NOT an Ambitious International Plot

WASHINGTON -- The successful blocking of an ambitious Al Qaeda plot to bomb a U.S.-bound airliner was an international sting operation worthy of Hollywood, with spies tricking terrorists into showing their cards.

Saudi Arabia’s intelligence agency, working closely with the CIA, used an informant to pose as a would-be suicide bomber. His job was to convince the Al Qaeda franchise in Yemen to give him a new kind of non-metallic bomb that the militants were designing to easily pass through airport security.
I mean give me a freaking break. If "al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula" were any kind of real group[, they would have sent dozens of such bombs by now. One dude willing to blow himself up with a crotch bomb, who is actually a double agent, DOES NOT CONSTITUTE A REAL TERROR GROUP OR REAL TERRORISM THREAT, FOR FUCK'S SAKE.