Protest NATO in Chicago

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Protest NATO - Join us in Chicago in May 20/21 to take a stand against the war criminals with NATO!

Humanity and the Planet Come First!

NATO = War Criminals Alliance

The "North Atlantic Treaty Organization" (NATO) promotes its mission as “security, cooperation among nations, and peace keeping.” In fact, it is an organization led and dominated by the world's best-armed war criminals, led by the United States. The war in Afghanistan, ‘surged’ by Obama, is prosecuted under the NATO banner. Nighttime drone attacks have killed so many civilians there even the Karzai puppet government had to object. But civilian casualties are just so much collateral damage in a war of occupation, and the killing continues.
Multi-lateral War Crimes Are Still War Crimes, No Matter Who Commits Them

Led by the US, NATO is a military alliance of 28 countries that began after World War II in opposition to the Soviet bloc. After 9/11, the US invoked a provision of NATO’s Charter stating that, when a NATO member state is attacked by a non-member country, all member countries must come to the defense and aid of the country attacked. But no country attacked the US, certainly not Afghanistan, far from the North Atlantic.

“To initiate a war of aggression, therefore, is not only an international crime; it is the supreme international crime differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole." The Nuremburg tribunals that tried Nazi military and political leaders established that principle, which the US-led NATO violates on a daily basis. Ten years after it was initiated, the aggressive war in Afghanistan is far from over and deadly drones now kill hundreds in Pakistan and Yemen as well.

The US and its key European allies have re-purposed NATO to dominate the globe. Today the countries in NATO account for 75% of the world's military spending. NATO provides cover for US and allies’ aggression and occupations in Libya, spreading into Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia, and now threatening Syria. And who can forget the 38,000 NATO/US bombing runs over Kosovo in 1999? These are promoted as “humanitarian interventions” but civilians in targeted countries suffer torture, rendition, murder, night raids against civilian populations, indefinite detention without charge or trial and targeted assassination by unmanned drones. Member countries of NATO thus perpetrate the supreme war crime of aggressive war against the people whose countries it bombs, invades and occupies.

Visible Protest Needed! The US-led NATO military machine is carrying out illegitimate, unjust, and immoral wars on three countries. When we visibly protest in Chicago at the NATO meeting, we will show the world that people here do not accept the crimes carried out in our names by the principal NATO countries. International media must see thousands of us demanding that our governments stop committing these war crimes. Humanity and the planet come first.
Join the protest in Chicago to send this urgently needed message! Call 866-973-4463, email

May 14-18:
Outreach to schools & communities in Barack Obama's hometown, where people are being propagandized to welcome NATO as "humanitarian interveners."
YOU are invited to join us! Call or text Chicago World Can't Wait at: 773-739-3743 for the place we will be meeting everyday.

Thursday - noon - Chicago 10 the story of the 1968 protests in Chicago and the conspiracy trial that followed: MUST SEE for all Chicago NATO Summit protesters!

Friday - noon - The Bush Crimes Commission - documentary of 2005/6 hearings convened concerning the criminal aggression against Iraq, rendition, detention, and torture, culpability for Katrina crisis and more!

Thursday May 17 at noon after a press conference of international supporters of the NATO protest, World Can't Wait and other organizations will protest downtown, focusing on the victims of the drone war carried out by the US and NATO countries. This is an opportunity to reach people working downtown and at all the NATO consulates with why we are protesting the NATO summit. The action starts at Obama Campaign HQ: #1 Prudential Plaza, (close to corner of Michigan & Randolph).

Thursday May 17:
Post-9/11 Targeting of Muslims: Naming the Victims, Naming the Repression with Lynne Jackson of Albany-based Project SALAAM
7 pm, St. Luke's Logan Square, 2649 N. Francisco

Friday May 18:
World Can't Wait's International Voices for Humanity and the Planet: An Evening of Arts to Oppose NATO
David Rovics and an acoustic set by rockers Outernational unplugged headline an evening of music, spoken word, and more celebrating our resistance! With speakers from countries targeted by NATO and the US.
7 pm, St. Luke's Logan Square, 2649 N. Francisco

Saturday May 19:
War Criminals Watch advisor David Swanson on "Lifting the Shadow of War"
Wellington Avenue United Church of Christ
7 pm, 615 W. Wellington Ave.

Sunday May 20:
1st Day of NATO Summit
12 noon - Mass March: Say NO to NATO!
Meet at 11am at Petrillo Shell, Jackson Blvd & Columbus Dr., Chicago
Join the World Can't Wait contingent - see details & sign up

Monday May 21:
2nd Day of NATO Summit
Stay tuned!