The Massive Global 9/11 Cover-Up

This Fetzer interview with Daniel Noel brought out some interesting points. The huge point is that there is clearly a massive global cover-up of the 9/11 crime (and other conspiracies), that is larger than the individual crimes in terms of effort involved. It's of course totally obvious that the media in this country is controlled and heavily censors 9/11. Once in a while, some hint of 9/11 truth is brought out in the mainstream media, or by politicians, but then it is quickly buried and forgotten. Some pressure is being exerted somewhere, even though officially the networks and newspaper and blogs are privately owned, and politicians are individuals who are supposed to be working for us and the country. Even human rights groups and peace activists are largely silent about 9/11 and thus must be controlled. One can imagine there is heavy intel influence throughout the US, but does this completely explain the censorship? And then how to explain the control over foreign leaders such as Castro, Chavez and Ahmadinejad-- each of whom has flirted with 9/11 truth and then dropped it.

So, there is some strange control over every public figure, even outside of the US realm of control-- there must be orders to not talk about 9/11 being an inside job, or any such conspiracies.

Noel refers to some vague Platonic shadow game-- the global Platonic conspiracy theater-- based on Plato's allegory of the shadows in the cave, but Noel gives no details on the deeper nature of the conspiracy.

Some, such as Anonymous Physicist, would say that the global censorship is all run by the secret societies, and their key leaders in "London, Langley and Rome". But it's still not clear to me how these groups can exert such powerful control over so many disparate people.

Clearly, to a large extent, the people are brainwashed and conditioned to not question authority and the government. But then, clearly this is not 100% effective. There are a lot of different types of psychological systems at work in the cover-up, but the point it is mind-boggling how:
1) effective it is
2) vast it is
3) deep and old the system must be.

The whole thing is very strange. I'm certainly on board with a deep conspiracy behind much of human history, but the level of control is just stunning.

I think fear must be behind it for many people-- they think their livelihood will be destroyed if they speak out too publicly, this affecting their family's immediate livelihood. I can relate this, anyway. But then again, I suspect the many people who do come out do not face much in retribution, but are just ignored-- as long as they are low-profile people. The REAL key control must be over the celebrities and politicians and newspeople-- everyone famous is likely to have some sort of handler that controls them from saying anything too outrageous. But who controls the handlers??? They can't all be intel agents.

Noel's point is well-taken that people in the theater can't be rudely awakened, they must be taken one-by-one, on an individual basis. But I suspect more people are awake than we realize and just afraid to speak out too much because it won't be worth it. Perhaps it is something like how in US politics people are afraid to vote third party, because they think they will never win. But if everyone who was dissastisfied with the Dems and the Repubs would vote and vote for someone else, it seems like real change WOULD be possible. There's just a mass psychology at work, keeping people from acting on 9/11 and the rest of the conspiracy theater. And of course, in our day to day world, we don't see much evidence of the larger conspiracy, and there is endless work and endless distractions to keep us from thinking about this. So, it ends up just being a small percentage of people who really act on 9/11 and the countless other conspiracies, at all. And even then, there are so many conspiracies, so many outrages, our efforts get diluted further. If one lumps everything together-- and protests it, you come across as a crank or a nut! So escaping the global cover-up is very very difficult.