Announcing the Salon-Alternet Investigative Fund - Kerry Lauerman - Open Salon

Before I started reading the Salon publications, I thought it was about hair care.  Now I see it for the foucsed, real news publication that it really is.

Announcing the Salon-Alternet Investigative Fund - Kerry Lauerman - Open Salon

comment by James Lico

Salon is a major magazine publication. They got it right. You need to see why and how American Citizens are being targeted with electronic radiation (microwaves and extremely low frequency magnetic waves, gang stalked and harassed in a never ending investigation. Charge me with a crime and put me on trial, but don't sentence me behind closed doors and then allow knuckle draggers and psychopaths to torture/kill me with no due process or informed consent . Our individual rights have been stripped away. This amounts to a secret extrajudicial program of torture with the intent of ruining a life, with the apparent outcome being death by torture or suicide. No I am not kidding. This is real and it is happening now. Also, no I am not crazy. This is happening to at least ten thousand documented cases of individuals all having the exact same symptoms. I have done nothing to deserve this. Read how many cases accept anonymous complaints and they you may understand what is going on.

Please read my blog, especially the articles written by Salon Magazine and also Vic Livingston, a journalist before all this started. There is a lot of disinformation out on the internet, so I am giving you two reputable sources.

I have been targeted since July of 2010 and I am hanging in there. Others are not doing so well and many have committed suicide or died of torture induced trauma (i.e. stroke, heart attack, cancer). At least I know how it is being done and can mitigate the process. Many targeted individuals haven't a clue and receive the full brunt of the torture/kill program.

Bear in mind that the so called handlers are psychopaths who have no conscience and probably took the job torture/killing because they enjoy it and get some sort of perverted sexual gratification from the process. They can direct an energy weapon on a target from any place in the world. This technology is not knew. It is made by Ratheon under patent, is highly classified and secret, except that it was given to sheriffs departments and many criminals, private investigators and many private individuals with their own agenda, all over the country, supposedly to control violent offenders. In Texas a private investigator and lawyer group used this technology to target woman for rape (this is documented and still no one will admit to knowing about its existence, eventhough most public sector employees do know about it, but choose to look the other way.

The handler, psychopath, torture/killer sits at a computer monitor and is able to direct chemical poison and electromagnetic attacks in their anonymous Cowardly fashion from any place in the world.  Also, it is a fact that they can see through walls to spy on and target the victims bodily processes and also hear what they say.  They follow the victim throughout the day and night, watching everything the person does, yes everything!  They can also look in on what they type on the computer and listen to all phone conversations.  Until we face this head on and put a stop to it, those of you who just want to live your lives, will be looking the other way whey your loved ones get targeted and then what will you do, when it is tool late. One way of looking at this iis that it is many programs in one. One goal is to cut the ranks of the returees, so that they die before retirement age. I am 60.5 years old. I could retire in one and a half years. But now it looks like I am not going to make it.