Does James Randi Protect Pedophiles?

This is pretty interesting:
James Randi, the magician, is involved with the False Memory Syndrome Foundation.

This group claims that many adults who have memories of pedophilia are actually having false memories!

"Some of our memories are true, some are a mixture of fact and fantasy, and some are false."
If a group of pedophiles wanted to protect themselves from accusations of pedophilia, what would be the best way?

How about if the pedophiles form an organization and claim to be experts in false memories, and then claim that the victims of pedophilia are actually having false memories?

I don't know whether anybody involved with the False Memory Syndrome Foundation is actually trying to protect pedophiles, but when we find somebody is lying to us, or when they promote a liar, we should be suspicious of them. So, before you trust this "foundation", take a closer look at the people in that foundation, such as James Randi.

James Randi promotes liars
Randi's web site is His bio is here. He achieved credibility as an honest investigator by exposing such con artists as Uri Geller and Peter Popof. He boasts about it in this video (new link).

People assume Randi is honest because he exposed some con artists, but everybody whose brain was functioning already knew that those people were con artists. There were even teenagers who knew it. The only thing Randi did was show us how> they did their tricks, but it's possible that all magicians would have been able to figure that out. As far as I know, Randy hasn't done anything that deserves a special prize.

However, notice that at the beginning of the video he mentions winning the MacArthur award in 1986, and that most of the prize money ($272,000) was wasted on defending himself against libel suits. There is not much information about these libel suits, other than there were accusations of pedophilia going back and forth.

Of course Randi and the goons at his skeptics forum are heavily involved in debunking all conspiracies, such as 9/11. He is certainly intel at some level.

The above article is via Eric Hufschmid, who is weird in some ways, and a raging anti-Semite, but still he makes a great point here about Randi. I had saved a link to his original website, but it's not working now, and so am using the Wayback Machine for the link.

This article talks about more about whether Randi was actually a pedophile!
(Randi) Has always been debunking his eternal enemy Uri Geller. February 11, 1996, Toronto Star: "What I had hesitated to mention is that the colorful Randi has been involved in a number of lawsuits. Part of the evidence brought against Randi was a tape of his telephone conversations, of explicit sexual content, with teenage boys. Randi has at different times claimed that the tape was a hoax made by his enemies to blackmail him, that he made the tape himself, and that the police asked him to make it. Whichever version is true, it's amazing indeed that such a person could be taken seriously as a scientific adviser in an organization dedicated to denying claims of child sexual abuse." This tape was played during a trial in which Randi was accused by Eldon Byrd, a good friend of Uri and a former Naval Surface Weapons Center researcher, of defamation by claiming he was known pedophile. True or not, during the trial Byrd and his team played a tape on which Randi was speaking to a small boy about sex and how much it would cost. Randi claimed it was all a setup by Byrd and the boys on the tape were prank callers. The judge wasn't so sure about that, especially because Randi voluntarily called back one of the boys after the latter told him his money was running out. It's a confusing story, but you wonder what he's doing at the FMSF.