So I Finally Got Around to Checking Out the "Vicsim Report"

Wow, what a fucking piece of crap.

I'm not going to link to it, but one can find it by google pretty easily.

It actually started out okay. The intro made some sense-- at least initially. It's clear there are weird things about the 9/11 victims list, and a lot of shoddiness and sloppiness. Further, I imagine there are at least SOME fake 9/11 victims, if nothing else, just by basic fraud-- insurance scam or some such. I am even okay with the idea of large swaths of 9/11 victims being manufactured personas -- but not all, by any means. I'm also sure a significant number of real people died on 9/11, and I think there is not much worse for someone's memory than to say they never existed. This is why the whole "Vicsim" concept is so dicey. You need extremely strong evidence to say someone was fake or never existed, which just isn't there.

But you start delving into the Vicsim Report, and it is just the crappiest, dumbest thing I've seen, relating to 9/11, and that is saying a fair amount.

So, after the intro, Hoi Polloi, aka Maxeem Kondrady, spends 27 pages finding totally random connections in groups of victims' names. Whatever linkage he thinks that he has found, is completely opaque, patently ridiculous and will not convince anyone with functioning critical thinking skills. What the dude really needs is some training in statistics and foreign languages.

The next 10 pages are making fun of the comments left in remembrance of the victims. Here, there is nothing even close to a smoking gun, if one knows anything about regular Americans.

Then come the last 36 pages or so, which are just the absolute most idiotic and clueless analysis of facial images I have ever seen anywhere. It is so PAINFULLY dumb and bad, that you have to think this guy is pulling everything from his ass, just as a big joke. No one can be this deluded or stupid, at least naturally. Was this guy drugged, or mind-controlled? You really have to wonder if he was set up to make the whole concept of fake victims look bad. But then again, no one writes 80 pages of crap like this as a joke! Everyone probably needs to look at it to believe how bad/dumb/inane it is.

So fuck the "Vicsim Report". I feel sorry for anyone who thinks it means something. As far as Hoi Polloi, I'm not sure whether to feel sorry for him or just be incredibly annoyed at his terrible skills of comparison and critical thinking.