9/11-- USA LIHOP, Israel MIHOP?

There is a good overview of the Israeli/Jewish cabal that could have orchestrated 9/11 here. Much more here. Clearly, these people had means, motive, opportunity and were involved in the cover-up too.

Of course, for this scenario, one needs to assume that all the people of Jewish heritage listed are working together secretly and have almost pure allegiance to Israel and the Jewish faith. It's not impossible to believe-- especially if we take the view that these key people have specifically infiltrated in these positions in order to facilitate 9/11 and the war on Islam.

If this scenario is true, it would suggest 9/11 was actually LIHOP by the US (as noted by Webster Tarpley in this recap of the recent Vancouver hearings). Of course, it is all too easy to blame the "other", the "outsider", and not blame the US for something like 9/11. There is certainly NO DOUBT that the US could have done this, and I suspect there was active collaboration between the US and Israel in 9/11. The main question is who was calling the shots.

Was the US using Israeli-affiliated Jews to do its dirty work? Or were the Israeli-Jews using the US and blackmailing them into support? Or was it more complicated? The US-Israel relationship is quite complex, as I wrote about here, with some good comments added in.

One big question is what exactly is driving the Israeli-Jews--specifically the elites involved in 9/11? What do they want? They clearly have wealth and power. What more do they need? Is it all just about reclaiming all of Israel from the Muslims? Or just killing Muslims and removing "threats" to Israel?

One could argue that the rest of the world doesn't care so much about Muslims and Israel-- why do they go along with the 9/11 charade if Israel did it? But in fact, Europe, India, China, Russia, Southeast Asia and Africa all have Muslim issues of their own-- so maybe they don't mind a general war on Islam, as a way of defanging Muslim power and diverting attention from their own deeds. Interestingly, Japan is one of the few countries to openly question 9/11 in their government, and they have no real Muslim issue. China doesn't have a huge Muslim issue, but they of course carry a lot of US debt and are competitors with the US, so they have good reasons for not challenging the US on 9/11-- they would profit from the US going into debt on wars and from the US weakening itself through wars.

But why don't Muslim countries call the charade, call out Israel? Of course the people do, to some extent-- but the leaders never come out and explicitly say this. Why? Are they afraid of their relationship with the US, and the US support of Israel? The US of course does major business with oil-producing Muslim countries, and pays off Pakistan, so has power over the key countries. Further, the elites in Muslim countries may be happy to have the US attack their "rebels" or "insurgents" and save them money on military expenditures.

Another question is whether countries around the world would maintain the 9/11 cover-up if it were purely the US who did it? My guess is probably, given the general weight that the US throws around.

Overall, I must say, the evidence tips more towards the US being used by Israel than the other way around, but neither do I like the idea that Israel is blackmailing the US. So I still maintain a form of symbiosis between US and Israel is the best explanation for 9/11--- thus the US role in 9/11 could be described as "MIHLIHOP".