Katy Perry -- Mind-Control Victim?

Note her breast pinwheels spin, when she is in concert-- an allusion to hypnosis/mind-control via sex?

So, I actually went to see the Katy Perry movie "Part of Me" today (my daughter wanted to go). Perry seems like a sweet, innocent-ish, normal, wide-eyed all-American girl, who worked hard in the music business and finally made it big. There was nothing really stunning in the film, for a non-fan like me. Certainly, she's made written some huge songs, and her best known is the anthem "Firework":

While ostensibly about self-empowerment, I recently was thinking this video, that shows a chest exploding, could be an anthem for a suicide bomber!

Anyway, this piece talks about Perry's video "Wide Awake" as being about the Project Monarch mind-control system. The video is indeed suggestive of dark forces, if you watch it:

Note, "Wide Awake" was played over the closing credits of her "Part of Me" film, so clearly it has significance.

So, sadly, it seems like Perry may be another controlled celebrity. Her background is somewhat suspect, as her parents were Pentecostal ministers (mentioned in the film "Part of Me")-- who are the super creepy hard-core Christians. Even more suspicious, from wikipedia, is that her father was a 60's West Coast scenester. Dave McGowan's work has shown how heavily the 60's West Coast rock scene was infiltrated/controlled by intel agents. So perhaps Perry is controlled by her father in some way. She also had a relationship with Russel Brand, a Brit, who may well have intel control if you read his bio.

Back to Perry, I just saw this video as I was writing this up. It is discussed thoroughly in this piece:
"In her music video ‘Part of Me’, Katy Perry ditches her wigs and latex dresses to put on a Marines uniform. While some might find this style change “refreshing”, the video for ‘Part of Me’ has a very specific agenda: To entice young people to enlist in the military. We’ll look at how ‘Part of Me’ is a three-minute long advertisement to recruit new soldiers for the U.S. military."