More Thoughts on Gun Control

I'm sure I annoyed more than a few readers here when I posted on Aurora last week and called for better gun control. So I want to clarify my thoughts a bit.

-- I didn't mean to imply that gun control would have prevented Aurora. Assuming Aurora was a programmed psy-op, then obviously no amount of gun control would have prevented it.

-- I still stand by other points in the piece, particularly that I don't think the relative gun freedom we have in the US is keeping us from a full police state. Especially, since we already have quite a bit of police state now.

-- I don't think citizens armed with rifles and handguns and the occasional assault rifle have a chance of taking "back" America from the psychopaths in control. I just can't see a revolution, a la 1776, occurring now. We would need a military type force to really take control away from the government.  Perhaps, multiple independent militias working together could have some effect.

-- I really don't care for the NRA either, and I don't think this conspiracy I proposed is too far-fetched either-- there can be multiple layers to each conspiracy and I do think there is a great deal of evil in the arms industry.

-- Importantly, I really don't think all Americans should carry guns either. I just think there is way too much opportunity for random shootings and accidental deaths. Also, I don't really WANT to live in a country where every doofus is carrying a gun!

-- I don't mind civilians carrying guns, as long as they have been properly trained and get certified on a regular basis. 

-- I know this part is tricky, and has serious nuances, but there needs to be some way to keep guns out of the hands of mentally unbalanced people and/or psychopaths.  Obviously, we don't want the state to have too flexible of a definition of who is mentally fit to carry a gun.

-- I think it is reasonable and proper that a government regulate the extent to which a regular citizen can arm themselves. For instance, we don't want random people carrying hand grenades or bazookas or other military-grade weaponry, unless they are part of "well-regulated militia".

-- In general, we need to work on peaceful ways for change-- serious, real change.  America is massively violent-- we are a nation founded on genocide and slavery, who has a major war every generation.  We have violence issues that we need to get over.

-- The biggest cause of gun deaths is the gun war, and cops shooting at minorities.  I'm really not sure WHAT to do about that-- it's a huge, complex issue.

-- I think it would be interesting if people protested massively, carrying arms-- maybe that would get the attention of the PTB more than peaceful protests and they arms would ward off attacks from the police.  Of course, such a protest could also degenerate into a small-scale war if the cops and/or protestors aren't careful.  One would hope the cops wouldn't mess with large numbers of protestors carrying guns, but who knows.  And unfortunately, the people most likely to be armed in large numbers are right-wing ignoramuses.