Republicans Are Sociopaths, Part 33,333

I really haven't delved into partisan politics too much of late. However, it's time to trash-- to fully repudiate-- the most patently destructive force on the planet right now: the Republican party. They represent everything that is bad about humanity and America, in my opinion. Their extreme anti-environmentalism and love of war is probably the worst threat overall, but this goes hand-in-hand with their necrophiliac-like love of corporations and the super-rich rich. Then there is their anti-science and anti-intellectual and pro-religion (pro-ancient mythology) worldview. Their complete lack of compassion for the poor, for veterans, for women, for homosexuals and for minorities just adds to the mix. Finally, they are characterized by a complete indifference to the truth-- blatant lying in pursuit of their goals means nothing to them. Overall, they are characterized by extreme sociopathy, and everyone who votes for a Republican is either blindly ignorant, brainwashed or a sociopath themselves. Republicans are complete tools of the evil PTB and will be the downfall of humanity. They must be defeated this November if there is any chance for the future.

I am not talking about Obama so much here. He is basically a moderate Republican and has done many terrible things in office. However, Romney is worse-- he is truly scary, I have to say. He seems willing to embrace the worst of the Republicans in pursuit for power, and is just a terrible candidate and a very weird person. In other words, he embodies a standard Republican sociopath in every way.

Mostly, I am talking about Republican congressman, senators, and governors. These by and large, are the sickening sociopaths I am referring to and for any progress to be made in this country-- for any hope for the future-- we need to get these people out of office.

It's worth noting that I started this blog almost 8 years ago now (August 2004), mainly as a way to try to work on getting Bush out of office in the November 2004 election, with 9/11 and the Iraq war being my main concerns about Bush. Before 9/11 I was a partisan Democrat , and despite my research into deep politics and conspiracies over the past 8 years, I still lean Democratic. By no means are Democrats an ideal party, but by and large, I agree with their platform. The main problem with Democrats is that they tend to lean conservative. True liberal Democrats, a la Dennis Kucinich, I have no major problems with.

Republicans must be stopped-- but it still baffles me that they remain as popular as they do.