Targeted Individual being microwaved in his apartment

Targeted Individual being microwaved on High
There are thousands (30,000 documented cases in the US) of targeted individuals in my situation.  They are subjected to torture of this sort on a daily basis.  Citizens of the US, need to wake up and stop this heinous torturing of Americans.  The president is saying We Don't Torture and it is just not so.

It feels like you are in the microwave oven.  Your body vibrates and feels electrically charged and the feeling dose not go away until they turn off the source.  In my apartment I am receiving microwave energy from two distinct sources.  The main source is from a tower which is probably close by based on the power level they are able to achieve.

The other source is from the psychopaths in the apartment below mine.  However my neighbors to apartment next door also take turns joining in the fun.  They get paid for this but I can tell they enjoy it.  A portable microwave energy emitter machine is used for this purpose.  I suppose they get these things from the weapon operator.
The weapon operator is the orchestra leader and calls up these perpetrators to tell them to turn on their microwave machine and where to point it.