Targeted Individual - researched insight into the directed energy weapon (DEW) operator (handler/torture/kill) personality

Targeted Individual - researched insight into the directed energy weapon (DEW) operator (handler) personality as well as that of many of the organized stalkers.   They do have a malignant profile which you can learn to identify.  Their main identifying characteristic is lack of empathy for the target.  This is very important, because to the handler, these targets may as well be the next cow in the slaughter house line to have a bolt shot through his head.

There are 9 videos which I selected out of over 250 videos by Mr. Vaknin, the first two of which are the most telling.

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Sam Vaknin (presenter) is himself a psychopath, who is willing to talk about his affliction.  he makes money by writing books about the subject.  He claims that all psychopaths are Narcissists, but not all narcissists are psychopaths.   

  a personality disorder that has been variously described as characterized by:  
  1.  feeling of grandiosity and self importance
  2. He exaggerates tallents, skills, contacts, accomplishments and personality trait's to the point of lying
  3. He demands to be recognized as superior, without commensurate achievements.
  4. The narcissist is consumed with fantasies of unlimited success, fame, fearsome power, omnipotence, unequaled brilliance, bodily beauty or sexual performance.
  5. The narcissist believes in ideal, everlasting, all conquering love or passion.  (but is incapable of it, due to pathology)
  6. The narcissist is firmly convinced that he or she is unique and as being special, could only be understood by or associate with other special, unique or high status people or institutions.
  7. The narcissist requires excessive admiration, adulation, attention and affirmation.  Failing that, the narcissist wishes to be feared and or notorious.  
  8. The narcissist feels entitled.  He demands automatic and full compliance with his or her unreasonable expectations for special and favorable priority treatment.
  9. The Narcissist is interpersonally exploitative and uses other to achieve his or her own ends and goals.  
  10. The narcissist is devoid of empathy.  He is unable or unwilling to identify with, acknowledge or accept the feelings, needs, priorities, preferences, wishes or choices of other people.
  11. The narcissist is constantly envious of others and he seeks to hurt or destroy the object of his or her frustration.
  12. The narcissist suffers from persecutory, paranoid delusions and believes that others feel the same about him or her and are therefore likely to act similarly.
  13. The narcissist behaves arrogantly or haughtily and believes he is superior, omnipotent, omniscient, invincible, immune, above the law and omnipresent (all this is known as magical thinking)
  14.  The narcissist rages when he is frustrated, contradicted or confronted, by people he or she considers inferior.
  15. The narcissist regards other people with contempt, disdain and considers them as unworthy
  16. The psychopath seldom gets flustered (John Wayne Gacey convinced police there was nothing going on, while he had bodies buried under his house).
  17. chronic lier  (the psychopath lies to get HIS desired outcome.)
  18. The psychopath is glib, charming and more an actor than a real person.  

That was the full list and it is enough for 5 of these traits to coexist in a patient, for that patient to be diagnosed with Narcissistic personality disorder.  Due to these characteristics, a psychopath can't have a real relationship.  This doesn't mean they don't try but their relationships are always dysfunctional, with a willing victim of their abuse.  People are to be used in their schemes, they are tools and nothing more.  A normal person with empathy, could not kill or torture like a psychopath because their natural empathy would cause them psychological stress and torment, something the psychopath is not bothered by.  Therefore, by definition, the DEW operator or handler and also many of the organized stalkers have psychopathic personality disorder.

Only a trained professional can make a diagnosis of psychopathy and or narcissism.  However, due to the fact that the weapon operator and gang stalkers are acting out many of these trait's.  Also, there is the fact that non psychopaths would be repulsed or psychologically impaired by such so called work, it is possible to label these overtly sick people as psychopaths.  They are psychopaths by definition, because of the fact they torture/kill people every day (some seemingly with gusto).  

some interesting statistics are:
1) just 4% of people have psychopathic personality disorder.
2) for every 1 psychopath who is a janitor, there are 4 who are high on the corporate ladder.
3) many can and do learn to control their behavior, recognizing that to give in to the temptation to do bizarre or cruel things will put them in jeopardy of being caught and thus deprived of liberty.  Others are more into body, looks, the superficial and get bored easily, like a child with ADHD, give into their baser instincts.  Thus you have the directed energy weapon/handler/torture/kill candidate.  He may want others to believe that the torture he doles out is methodical and for a specific purpose.  However, he does this every day and as much as he wants to believe in his altruism, the continuous repetitive nature of the torture/kill program would get to the best professional as a boring way to make a living.  Therefore one can only conclude there is an ulterior motive for his tenacity.  That tenacity is motivated by the fact that he enjoys his work and it is therefore has a sadistic and perverse sexual draw that drives him on.

Do a search on of other of the more than 250 plus videos by the author "Sam Vaknin".  It is important for everyone to know and be familiar with the personality profile of the psychopath aka handler/DEW operator.