The Aurora Shooting Conspiracy Bandwagon

I really haven't gotten into the weeds on this one-- too distracted, too little time. And there's clearly a cottage industry for every conspiracy site to do their own investigation and make some conclusions on limited evidence and call it a psy-op by an MK-ULTRA victim, etc.

Of course, I'm sure the shooting was a set-up of some sort, from what I have seen. For instance, Aurora had drilled a very similar scenario just months before the shooting, there was someone helping Holmes get into the theater, he gave up without a fight outside the theater, he had been doing weird mind research, Holmes seemed drugged up at his hearing, what was in his apartment, who set up all the sophisticated booby-traps, etc. But there is a tendency by most sites to go way overboard in their conclusions based on one or two pieces of evidence. One thing I have not seen is a thorough presentation of all the different strands of weird facts, for this case. I suppose that would be a lot of work, but it would be good.

One odd thing is how little we've been told about Holmes motivations so far-- normally something would have come out by now. They are keeping this all very hush-hush-- maybe because his programming was too obvious?

Anyway, all this stuff does get tedious too-- how many conspiracies can any one person thoroughly research? It gets kind of mind-numbing after some point. It's sort of like once you've made that initial breakthrough that there ARE these covert conspiracies against humanity, it just gets easier to see other ones after that... At the same time, it always hurts to see people come to really silly or dumb or plain wrong conclusions. There does tend to be a lot of annoying hyperbole, kneejerk conclusions, over-generalization and plain factual errors by a lot of conspiracy sites.

The bottom line is that good conspiracy research is hard and takes time.

Caveat emptor!