Yet Another Gun Massacre

This sort of thing just happens way too frequently. At this point, I do think we need some sort of better gun control. Just FUCK the NRA.

While this latest case may have been some sort of weird conspiracy, with Holmes being a patsy, the fact is that it's way too easy in the US for random psychos to get guns and lots of ammo and other battle accoutrements and pull off mass murder.

I have trouble with the idea this is all about gun control-- that the purpose of these incidents is for people demanding gun control, as so many cheap conspiracy sites are saying. NO ONE is trying to take guns away from US citizens, but more critically, look how fucked up this country is, despite us being armed to the teeth. We basically HAVE fascism, and what did all those guns do?

What if the evil PTB really just like seeing random gun violence and murder? Shouldn't we try to stop that? And I don't think the solution is for everyone to be packing heat themselves. I really don't think shootouts in urban areas between citizens is a good idea. Also Holmes was wearing armor, so it's not like he was going to be stopped so easily by someone shooting back. In my opinion, the solution is to make guns a little more difficult to get-- to make gun owners go through some sort of training and yearly checks.

I know this probably puts me in poor standing as a conspiracy theorist, to call for better gun control. Nonetheless, something needs to be done about the sickening and idiotic gun mania in this country. Again-- all our guns did not keep away the police state we have. And the PTB are so advanced now, they don't even need to shoot us. Sure, it's a great fantasy to think of DHS gestapo coming to your door to take you away and lock you in a concentration camp, and you stand them off with your personal arsenal of weaponry. Same for apocalyptic scenarios where you have to protect your family from roving gangs of marauders. But let's get real.

I am not saying people can't have guns, nor is anyone really going to take away Americans' guns. Anyone who says there's a UN plot to disarm the US is a dumb, very shallow conspiracist. What I am calling for is SANE gun laws, and SANE gun control.

Finally, if there was any kind of deep conspiracy to the Colorado shooting, and all the other gun massacres we have every few months or weeks here in the US, I suspect it's because assholes in DC want to distraction from some other big story that they don't want us to know about, something that sheds light on their crimes or something showing yet another way they rip us off.