A new breed of Targeted Individual

I am one of those logical, techie, engineer type people and have come up with a few ideas, but the one that makes me cringe is probably true.

I don't get many responses to my emails.  I email a lot and most go unanswered into the netherworld as if I was invisible. 

I have been told by several people and also noticed that people with logic skills, electronic engineers or those with technical skills are being targeted at an increasing level.  Normally mostly woman and really all walks of life have been targeted. 

Here is my background so you can see what I am talking about (targeted techies)... I have associate degrees in biology and electronics engineering technology and a bachelors in computer science.  After thinking about why this (targeting technologists) would be so, I have come up with 3 possibilities:
1. I have had a security clearance and therefore have a significant file that most people did not have.
2.  psychopaths are drawn to the technical fields and may tend to target others in the same field who get in their way?
3.  The psychopath handlers are using me for sport and training.

So here is my point for telling you all this. and that is that I am one of these people Techie types.  One rather bizarre reason for this is that we are more resourceful and are therefor used for sport and the hoeing of attack skills, since most people don't know how to defend themselves against attacks, they present little challenge.  

So here I am with my logic skills.  I have figured out how to defend myself against attacks but these people adapt to my defenses and create new ways to attack me.  I believe they are learning from me and others, to make the attacks more deadly and unavoidable.  I try to keep one step ahead of them, but they always adapt.  

They know I can find their poison.  They no longer have to break in to my car or house to place the poison.  They send it through open windows or put it on my person and they put it on my cat before they killed him.  The mechanism for disseminating the electrolytic poison is microwave plasma.   This is off the shelf technology that has been used in the manufacturing of microprocessor chips for years.  It can etch over a million transistors on one square inch of silicone by directing a stream of microscopic projectiles at high speed, just as a printer directs ink to paper.  Yet when I mention it, eyes glaze over.  This is a drug delivery system.  The particles can pierce clothing and skin.  The source or what I refer to as a depot of poison substrate (poison is a misnomer, since it has several functions).  The substrate can be laced with any number of compounds and even virus as payloads.  A small cache or depot can be be put by an entrance to a building, would be invisible, yet be capable of injecting everyone who passed.  For instance I was infected with STAPH while I was wrongly put in jail for something I didn't do.  Then no one would treat me until I tore off the bandage and let them see the ooz.  They ran around tripping over them selves then.  Until then I was a quiet experiment.

The other reason for them to use this substance as a substrate is to light up damage in the body.  More blood flows to a damaged area and hence more of the electrolyte, which acts like a dye marker used to make structures more visible in an MRI.  This makes it easier for the psychopath handler to target pre-existing damage and make it worse.  It also makes it easier for the weapon to get a lock and read better when locked.

How do I know all this? 
answer: I am a good guesser and these are the facts as I see them.  Now if someone would only listen to me.  Sometimes you get hit in the head with the truth but just don't recognize it.   
How can I be sure?
answer: I can't, because it is after all a guess.   It is a very good guess, but still just a guess.  Oh what the hell, it is an educated guess, with supporting theory and I believe I am right.

Here is the video part you need to put it all together, that is missing from this email

If I am wrong then tell me why.  

There are probably many like me, frustrated because they know too much and are too targeted to do anything about it.  I am heavily targeted and would like to get this out before they get me.

Look at my videos and they will pull it together for you.

I use this web blog to keep info I find interesting about targeting in one convenient place.

I started my own blog

 One key thing to take away from the targeting experience (there are many), is that the people who have created this program are psychopaths who took advantage of 911 and with the incorporation of mission creep, enabled a relatively small cadre of psychopaths is high places to have put this system in place.  I cannot stress this enough and since they are like androids who look like normal people but are not due to lack of empathy.  I never would have thought much about that 2 years ago.  It sounds intuitive, but unless you dig in and study up on psychopathy or psychopaths as those individuals who:
  1. have no conscience or lack of empathy over other individuals.
  2. are in all levels of government and business
  3. do not know why normal people cry at a funeral (shows how different they are, like an alien being, they look like a person, but are very different and not what you would expect)
  4. many psychopaths are predators
  5. Power over other people is what they are after.  They seek out positions of high power over others, like political office, doctor, lawyer, senators, congressmen, etc.
  6. I put together the following video list to help identify the psychopath personality.  Listen to the videos and you will be an expert too:)  Learning about Psychopaths is an amazing experience because everyone takes them for granted and they are most amazing.  They truly are like aliens from another planet, because you don't and can never really know them.  They don't think like you, act like you and underestimating them has gotten us to this point!  Do listen to the videos please.  I spent a lot of time putting them together because they tell a story.  

 There is a lot of counter information and deception.  I believe there are many (not just a few) infiltrators of TI groups, whos roll it is to create doubt and obfuscation for anyone who would look at the facts of targeting in order to keep anyone from catching onto the truth.