Bad Reasons for Not Accurately Researching the Holocaust

From our old old friends at ScrewLooseChange, via Oil vs Empire is this:

At 20 May, 2006 09:26, Alex said...

What gets me is the sheer...arrogance and horror behind these "revisionists". They cloak themselves in the mantle of "legitimate research" by saying they're not "denying the holocaust" but rather trying to prove that ONLY 2 million died. That's like claiming that Jeffrey Dahmer didn't kill 16 people, but instead ONLY had 7 victims. Frankly, even if you were right, what kind of demented individual would actually WANT to prove that?

In the case of Dahmer, it'd have to be either a close family member who still cares about him despite his crimes, or someone who really, REALLY hated his victims. In the case of holocaust deniers, it's quite clear what their agenda is. They can attempt to masquerade it as "legitimate research" all they want, but the way they present their "facts" always destroys any legitemacy [sic] behind that claim. There's only two reasons why they'd spend so much effort attempting to revise the historicaly [sic] accepted number of Jews (and other minorities) massacred during the holocaust. Either they're neo-nazis trying to clean up the image that they present to the world, or they're anti-semitic assholes who simply hate Jews. There's really no other alternative.
Well, we see here the usual brilliant, airtight logic from these folks.

So, I can think of a few OTHER reasons why you'd want to clarify the number of Jews killed by the Nazis, besides being a neo-Nazi or an anti-Semite.

1) What if many Jews WEREN'T killed by the Nazis, but were killed by some other force-- wouldn't that be somewhat comforting to the families of the victims, that their relatives didn't die a horrible death from horrible people? Just like, most people would feel better to know that their dead child wasn't killed and cannibalized by the horrible madman Dahmer.

2) If we say the Nazis killed 6 million Jews, but they really killed say 2 million-- doesn't the 6 million figure give much more power to the Nazis? That they killed so many people with apparent ease? Why give more historical power to such clearly horrible people as the Nazis???

3) What if there was some other force that did kill lots of the people, whose deaths were attributed to the Nazis? Wouldn't we want to know what that force was?

4) Finally, there is the idea of just wanting an accurate accounting of history. If (*IF*) the number of Jews killed by the Nazis was inflated by some group for their own purposes, isn't it important to uncover the truth?