Forever Tainted

One reason I never posted on the holocaust before, was because frankly, I was worried about being tagged as a "holocaust denier"-- even if I posted something even mildly questioning the holocaust. Definitely, this sort of tagging has happened before, where sites/people get tainted as "evil conspiracy theorists" for questioning the holocaust and then get thoroughly ignored by "nicer" "mainstream" conspiracy theorists.

To be sure, I am familiar with being shunned, and being tainted, being a dreaded "no planer" and all. But the holocaust is a different level altogether.

Of course, there has long been a move by the mainstream media to link 9/11 researchers and holocaust denial, with the idea of completely discrediting the idea of 9/11 being an inside job. That was always transparently obnoxious and grossly wrong, but even worse is within the 9/11 research community, where some researchers marginalize people/sites that question the holocaust. Even I felt some pressure to do this, because when certain assholes would label all no-planers as the same people as holocaust deniers, I would think-- that's not me! So really I kind of avoided the topic. Plus, just the whole stigma generally in society of being a dreaded "holocaust denier" kind of keeps you from any sort of public questioning of the holocaust. Even though I write this under a pseudonym, it is still a bit scary to question it here, because who knows what kind of repercussions there might be in real life. Besides pedophiles and serial murderer/cannibals, who has a worse reputation than a "holocaust denier"?

Part of the problem of holocaust denial, is that you get lumped with some pretty bad people-- real racists, neo-Nazis, real-anti-semites. For the record, I am certainly not a racist or Neo-Nazi or anti-Jew. I am against prejudice and I do not hate anyone. My main interest in the holocaust relates to conspiracies and the idea of historical hoaxes and just trying to figure out how everything fits together. Also, ultimately, in order to be intellectually honest, one must be willing to question everything, especially a topic where there is such controversy.

So now I am forever tainted, I guess. But I suppose it was only a matter of time before this happened though. I've been through so many conspiracies in the past 8 years, and gotten into all kinds of things I never thought I'd get into when I first started this site. However, on the plus side, I feel like the tainting from questioning the holocaust has decreased a lot in the past 10 years, and there just seems to be a lot more acceptance of the questions than in the past, as well as less hysterical freaking out online if anyone says anything about the holocaust. However, this could be simply because I am not looking in the right places-- the internet is a very very big place. Nonetheless, I do think there is broader acceptance of doubts, and I think the internet has helped a great deal.

Interestingly, when I've started looking into the holocaust, I got a feeling very much like when I first started looking into 9/11-- like I was doing something borderline illegal, that could get me in trouble. At the same time, it is a topic that was incredibly grim and disturbing, that almost made me sick when I thought about it too much-- the same kind of feeling like when I first got into 9/11. Many of the topics I've looked at here are grim and disgusting, and of course maddening. But most of these do not have the same kind of world-view being thrown upside down feeling as finding about the perfidy of the US government for the first time in learning about 9/11. There is an endless amount of lies, and endless killing and endless theft, endless suffering and endless conspiracies. Conspiracies like UFOs and evil aliens are fascinating but too abstract. 9/11 and the holocaust are grotesque and evil events, no matter how you look at them.