Where Are the Piles of Bodies?

"... consider that nobody denies that Stalin and Mao killed tens of millions of people by various means. No "revisionists" are asking where the piles of those bodies are. They focus only on the Nazi Holocaust. Why is this?"

In one sense, this is a good question. Is it unfair to only question the holocaust?

Well, okay, now that I think of it-- I think it's quite possible that the deaths caused by Stalin and Mao were inflated, as part of Western capitalist propaganda.

More importantly though, is that the survivors of those millions of dead people caused by Stalin and Mao don't constantly use those deaths as an excuse to rationalize the establishment of their own country, the taking over the land of an indigenous people and the terrible treatment of those indigenous people. At least, as far as I know.

Certainly, the Jewish holocaust is the large-scale death of the middle of the 20th century that gets the bulk of the attention, for various reasons. So it is natural that it will receive more questions and more scrutiny. And to be clear, it's not the questions about the holocaust that drive the attention the holocaust gets-- rather it's the other way around.

And since there are questions about those 6 million deaths, the really odd thing is how little evidence there is for those 6 million deaths there is.  I'm not saying that it is impossible to kill that many people and remove all trace of their bodies from the planet, but it's still quite a feat, and begs for scrutiny.