Why Didn't They Resist?

I remember when I first learned about the Holocaust as a kid, I could not comprehend how so many people could be marched to their death without significant resistance. And I was not the only one-- my friends wondered too, and of course this is a huge question for many people. It was incomprehensible then, and it is still kind of incomprehensible now. There were some answers given-- the Nazis tricked them, they were forced because they were unarmed-- but the answers were still not very satisfying then and they are still not now.

Another issue is that the Holocaust is held up as a reason for why non-violence resistance can never really work and why people need guns-- because non-violence on the part of the Jews didn't stop anything and led to millions of their deaths. This has massively fueled the gun mania in the US-- that having guns prevents us from a fascist state and us from being marched to the gas chambers. But it should be pointed out that non-violent, peaceful protest against a well-armed opponent CAN work, and has worked many times in the past 100 years.

But what if idea that non-violent protest can't work is disinfo meant to discredit methods of peaceful protest? Such an idea would help the PTB, as they would use it as an excuse to sell guns-- not only to the government but also to the populace-- leading to more violence and a type of arms race.

Not to mention that it is the holocaust that Israel uses to justify its extreme aggression against its enemies, and its various covert operations meant to destabilize threats-- leading to lots of suffering and death, and blatant hypocrisy.

Curiously, it's the WASP American right wing that most uses the holocaust to justify gun rights, whereas American Jews tend to be liberal and more supportive of gun control. At the same time, right wing Jews, such as the American Neocons, spend much of their time supporting Israel and US military aggression against perceived fascist threats, rather than worrying about gun rights in the US and the rise of fascism.