9/11 Remote Viewing

I have NO IDEA what to make of this -- some guy named Mike Wegrzyn says 9/11 was remote viewed back in early 2001, i.e. before it happened-- along with a WHOLE BUNCH of other weird stuff. Via this discussion of Fetzer's review of Wood's book.

What I can say for sure, is that there are a LOT of people who love Wood's stuff beyond any rationality. It's kind of like a cult. It's hard to know if these are real people, who are kind of just traumatized by the last 11 years, and so are glomming onto Wood's mushy thinking and vague theories*, or they are some kind of intel op.

*The towers were "dustified" by directed energy weapons but it wasn't really a DEW or anything to do with the Star Wars program; the towers were destroyed by a nuclear-like reaction in every way except there was no heat or light or sound produced; the effect was something like what John Hutchison does and Nikola Tesla did and somehow used hurricane energy, etc, etc.