George Carlin on Conservation and Saving the Planet

This was one of the most annoying George Carlin bits I've ever seen:

It's just so wrong headed-- not so much about the planet being more powerful than humans, but the idea that humans can't totally fuck up the ecology of this planet and destroy most life if given the chance.  And what is so funny about trying to save species that we are killing off as we take over the planet?  I really think he was way off base here, and it caters too much to USA-fuck-yeah conservative idiocy that we can just do whatever we like to the planet and it doesn't matter because humans are going to die off and be replaced by something else and the planet will "heal itself".

Personally, I think humans will be around for a long long time, but we do have to get our shit together and NOT destroy the ecosystem.

The idea that the whole purpose of humans is to create plastic for the planet is funny, though.