Holocaust Witnesses

How can any historian take Jewish holocaust witnesses seriously, when there are such incredible wild variations in their stories about numbers of deaths and methods of killing? (see chapter 7; as a result, official numbers of the deaths are just all over the place too.)

It's also quite obvious that the Jewish concentration camp survivor witnesses are hardly dispassionate observers-- they are incredibly biased and certainly were traumatized and therefore their testimony is clearly tainted.

Of course, there are the supposed confessions of the Nazis -- but in many cases these are apparently given under coercion, or even torture.  These confessions are not unlike the "confession" of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed where he proclaimed masterminding 9/11 and every other recent terrorism incident.  Clearly ludicrous.  And thus some of these Nazi confessions are on a similar ludicrous scale.

Just on these simple grounds, most of the holocaust evidence is unreliable, since there is no forensic evidence of the crimes, at all.

The numbers of people they speak of killing--of shoving into small spaces and gassing and completely cremating-- at regular intervals is simply impossible.  One is left with two possibilities-- the numbers have been sickeningly exaggerated, or the whole thing was made up.

But clearly, much like 9/11 or the JFK assassination, the more you read about this stuff, the more the official story just falls apart.