Israeli Involvement in the JFK Assassination

This Fetzer interview with Michael Collins Piper was amazingly interesting. I'd avoided Piper for a long time because someone had said he was a proponent of the idea that the Mossad killed JFK, and I thought he was some kind of single-minded researcher who finds Jews everywhere and blames everything on them. But whoever said that was grossly over-simplifying Piper's argument. While Piper does note an Israel involvement in the JFK assassination, he doesn't say that the Mossad did the killing -- at least not in any simple direct way. What Piper writes about in his book "Final Judgement" (which I have not read but only know from the interview and the Amazon reviews), is a key part of the JFK assassination puzzle involving Israel.

His two main points are that:
1) the Italian-American mafia was apparently ultimately under the control of the Jewish organized crime boss Meyer Lansky. Of course, there are extensive connections between the mafia and the JFK killing.

2) Israel (specifically David Ben-Gurion) was very upset with JFK because JFK was against Israel developing nuclear weapons. So Israel helped take out JFK, and LBJ took over and reversed this policy.

These are very key points. In fact, there are dozens of important tie-ins with this theory and the JFK assassination. For instance, CIA Chief James Angleton, clearly implicated in the ass'n plot, was likely a liaison for Israel and the CIA and the Mossad. Jack Ruby, who killed Oswald, was Jewish, and had mafia ties-- he likely was following orders of course.

What didn't come out in the interview, but could be an important connection, is Abraham Zapruder, a Jewsih businessman who took the famous film. Since the whole provenance of the film is very fishy, the question is how much can we actually trust Zapruder? Was he an agent?