I used to respect Anonymous Physicist for his seemingly comprehensive conspiracy knowledge. But now I see he has just turned into some sort of sad, deluded crank. This post a couple of days ago about the ludicrous JFK limo flag issue is just retarded-- and the "exchange" of comments is almost certainly fake, orchestrated or someone's idea of a joke.

Even worse, today I see that A.P. is essentially calling for the extinction of humanity, because of all the suffering in the world at the hands of his "alien ultimate PTB". I'm sorry, but that's just too fucked up for words. Clearly there has been huge suffering in the world, and it continues... BUT YOU DON'T FUCKING GIVE UP ON HUMANITY AND SUGGEST WE'D BE BETTER OFF IF WE WERE JUST ALL SLAUGHTERED. These are the thoughts of a very sick person. AP frequently says how physicially sick he is, but sadly, I think he just doesn't understand what this illness has done to his psyche.