Sad News

"Nolo contendere" of the Piglipstick blog has passed away. I did enjoy his site quite a bit over the years.

As to the last post, about going away from the obnoxious TSA, it's worth noting that the reason the TSA was set up in the first place, was due to 9/11, and the fear that private security companies did not have uniform standards and could be corrupted. So getting rid of the TSA isn't necessarily the solution. The solution is to have better rules and guidelines, so they don't act like fucking obnoxious gestapo assholes.

I should note that I fly regularly and have never had any issue with the TSA, and often they are fairly pleasant to me. Nor have I seen them harrass anyone around me. Of course, the TSA has done some ridiculously obnoxious/horrible things, but I suspect that the few bad apples are highly publicized in part because the GOP has always disliked the fact that the TSA is a unionized work-force. So I think there is a bit of propaganda at play here.