The #1 Reason Why Man-Made Global Warming Is Real

Because the idea that man-made global warming is a hoax is a right-wing conspiracy theory, prominently promoted by the GOP... AND THEIR CONSPIRACY THEORIES ARE ALWAYS FUCKING IDIOTIC AND BOGUS. ALWAYS.

Reason #2-- apart from right-wing cranks, why should we believe religious nuts and oil and gas companies that there is nothing to worry about from too much CO2?

Reason #3-- science clearly shows that both CO2 is increasing and that CO2 is a heat-trapping gas In any case-- and this is a point I have made before-- even if there is a small chance of catastrophic GW being real, shouldn't we DO SOMETHING about it?

For fuck's sake, we spend hundreds of billions of dollars on the military and homeland security to fight some miniscule terrorism threat (particularly taking into consideration the threat that real terrorists pose to the US).

Why is it so hard to spend significant money to combat an even more catastrophic threat? Of course, the elites may really actually want GW to kill off most of humanity, or use the ecological disruptions induced by GW, to do that. In which case, all the more reason for 99% of the people to act.