Why Is the right winning when they should be losing.

I have always liked George Carlin,  In addition to being very funny, he was right about a lot of things.  Politicians have the disfunctional job of trying to get insane people to vote for them.  The video you shared is typical.  Look at the Tea partiers who refuse to deal with Dems.  These people have adult type, very important jobs and they look smart or normally smart, but lack the ability fo process thought in a normal way..   

All the new republican congressmen who were swept into office in 2008 all act like narcissists or psychopaths who are so important that if things don't go heir way then they just wont play and life has to come to a screeching halt until they get their way.   

 There are more than just a few psychopaths out their who clawed their way to  the top and are good at driving sheep.  The reason why I think the way I do is because psychopaths have several advantages over normally emphatic people.  
*They don't care what happens to others, only themselves and they make sure to keep the topic and focus off themselves.  
*They can see through normal people and are adept at winning out over them because they (normal people) play fair and so they loose.  
*When they make it to the top they hire their psychopath friends who will do anything they say, thereby insuring a long career at the top.  
*They stay at the top not because they deserve it but because they are ruthless and know how to winn, by any means.  
*This is hard for a normal emphatic to beat, without large public backing.   *
The  problem is the public being the way they are are way to easily guided to follow the liars and vote against their own best interests.  We could have had a great society and instead got a rich mediocre one with self-interested uncaring leaders.