Bishop denies holocaust on TV

October  2012

The Jewish controlled media is pushing the regional court in Regensburg to again hound Bishop Williamson for trial for claiming in a TV interview that 6 million Jews were not gassed to death in W W II. a charge Bishop Williamson was previously cleared on,   but the court has issued  another order of punishment against the popular Bishop for daring to question the holocaust.

Bishop Williamson 72 was told by Thomas Rauscher the court spokesman that unless Williamson agrees to pay an unspecified fine and admit he questioned the holocaust further charges will be brought.
The Bishop had access to the historical letters and documents contained in the Vatican archives from preists and nuns both held in and visiting those in the camps, the huge cache of letters  never once mentioned gas chambers, The Bishop also had access to records from the RAMC (the Royal army Medical corps,) who ministered to those in the camps, the Red Cross
Polish medical papers and GRU medical summaries of deaths, what did transpire however was that during W W II
4 million Jews  emigrated to the USA to avoid the war ( Constantin Volkov archives )
*  Independent observers have since proved that the stories of huge pits with bodies stacked 10 high around the camps did not exist, helicopters with heat seaking equipment found just 2 bodies, those of the camp commanders pet dogs.
*  The tales of fountains of blood spurting spontaneously from the ground where the bodies supposedly were has been proved false.
*  Experts have tested the  so called gas ovens and no sign of any animal or human DNA was discovered in any wartime camp
*   British documents confirmed by Russian documents submitted by Polish wartime surveyors proclaim that the ovens were in fact bread ovens enlarged after the war to build up the story.
*   Many German people are now saying they also question the official line as it just does not add up.
*   The writer and actvist Aleksandr  Solzhenitsyn claimed that in the massive Soviet concentration camp system which ran from 1918 to 1956 between 63 to over 100 million Russian Christians were murdered,
but the racist administration have never made ita law to question this why not ?
we cant have a law which says you can question this but not that , that would be racist.
*  Satelite imaging shows no bodies at all around any of the camp grounds, wo what happened to them ?
if as we are told human skins were used to make wallets lampshades saddles and seat backs where are they, let us see just one, and the stories of boiled down fat being used to lubricate the buses and trains in Berlin has also been proved false.
*  Even the Auschwitz musuem keeps lowering the total of deaths claimed
Bishop Williamson speak the truth and he speaks for us all.

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