I Know Obama Is an Intel Patsy for the Military Industiral Complex and a Wall St Sell-Out

but Mitt Romney scares the shit out of me.

Not only does Willard Mitt Robme, along with Paul Ryan, seem to be intent on destroying the social safety net and turning the US into an outright corporate fascists state, he also seems to want a serious and major new war.

I wouldn't be surprised to see a new 9/11 type attack, as he has the same shits running his foreign policy as Bush did. Robme is a painfully obvious, obnoxious representative of the extreme wealthy people in this country, and it's just fucking depressing that he is even close in the polls with Obama.

Assuming the polls are even real, I can only think that hatred of the black dude in the White House is a big factor. Shit, how does such an unlikeable and weird asshole like Robme get so much support, with such a vague yet clearly evil set of proposed policies? Anyone who is a Mormon has to be a fucking liar or a brainwashed tool.

I know it is easy to write off Obama and Robme as being the same thing... but they just aren't.  They may have some similar corporate viewpoints, but Robme is a greedy, unpatriotic bully-- the worst of the 1%.