More Fun with Right-Wing Conspiracies

Clearly this is JUST LIKE when Bush watched the first plane hit the North tower via his secret video feed in the presidential limo!*
Wingnuts, led as usual by Fox News, are flogging a brand new alternate history of the Sept. 11 attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, in which Barack Obama knew exactly what was going on, refused to launch a rescue mission, ordered the CIA to “stand down,” and maybe shot Ambassador Chris Stevens to death himself. Appearing on Fox News, retired Army officers David Hunt and Anthony Shaffer told Fox’s Jeanine Pirro that two drones were providing a “live feed” of the attack and said that his sources tell him that the President “was one of those in the White House Situation Room in real time watching this” and that he could have approved military action to save the embattled ambassador, but chose not to. And the example proving that a rescue could have worked? Ronald Reagan’s successful 1983 Grenada operation, in which Reagan used a military invasion of a Caribbean island to rescue the news cycle from coverage of the deadly bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut.

Get ready to hear a lot in the next few days about this “live feed” that Obama was “watching” — obviously, it was just like on “24,” with everything clearly visible, all the people on the ground clearly identifiable and maybe even labelled — and not a grainy image from the air… at night… in a city… looking down at what’s happening outside and inside a building that’s on fire.

Seriously, I just don't see the grand conspiracy here. Does anyone?

The attack occurred in a chaotic war-torn country, and the killings hardly served the purposes of the Obama administration.

Sure, MAYBE they didn't heed warnings of threats enough and were overly cautious in their response. But overall, this incident is pretty small potatoes, and clearly the Republicans are trying to score obnoxious political points with it at during the election season. Frankly, if anything, I would say the Republican interests promoted the attack as their version of an "October surprise" to try to make an incident to help win the election. Makes more sense to me than Obama letting an attack happen for some reason but then not having a cover story and delaying coming out with an explanation of what happened because you know, massive cover-up!!!

I am just continually amazed how idiotic right-wing conspiracy theories are! And undoubtedly, the same geniuses who believe this stuff about Obama, completely reject obvious things like that Bush lied us into war with Iraq!!!!

And just as bad-- if not worse-- the vast majority of the right-wing has NO FUCKING PROBLEM with the TRULY EVIL crap that Obama has done: the fake Osama killing, the drone killings of civilians, killing Americans without trial, endless war, indefinite detention, NDAA, the war on whistleblowers, etc.


This is why I see Republicans as the biggest threat to this country--- they are all greedy and deluded corporate whores, idiotic Jesus freaks or some sickening combination of the two.

*joke, but can't completely rule it out given what Bush has said